Cayuga Christian Preschool





The Cayuga Christian Preschool is a ministry of the Cayuga Christian Church.


Busy Bees class is for those children who are one year from  entering Kindergarten.  This class is structured to provide social interaction and Kindergarten readiness skills.  We now offer two learning tracks for your preschool student: (1) A three-day track in which your student will graduate with the foundational understanding of core curriculum in preparation for Kindergarten.  This class meets each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am until 12:00pm. (2) A five-day track which is an enhanced curriculum that increases your preschool student’s readiness for Kindergarten by offering more lessons with greater consistency your child’s education. This class meets Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 12:00pm.
If your child will be four years old before August 1 of the coming fall, he or she will be able to enroll in the Busy Bees class for the coming school year.
Our Wiggly Worms class is directed toward those children who are more than one year away from Kindergarten. The Wiggly Worms will begin with the foundations of learning and social interaction. They meet each Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am until 12:00 noon. Your child must be at least three years old before August 1 of the coming fall and be potty trained.


Teacher: Mrs. Kim Bailey
Kim graduated from North Vermillion High School. She received her Associates Degree in Marketing and Mid-Management from Danville Area Community College. She has substitute taught in the North Vermillion Community School Corporation for 5 years and has served as a children’s Sunday School teacher for 22 years.  In 2015 Kim began her role as the Administrative Assistant for the Cayuga Christian Church.  She is married with two daughters.
Have a question?  Email Kim with your questions! 

Teacher: Mrs. Heather Medina
Heather graduated from South Vermillion High School. She received her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Ivy Tech Community College and she majored in Elementary Education for her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana State University. She is married with two children.  
Have a question?  Email Heather with your questions! 


We utilize ABEKA Christian School curriculum which equips preschool students with a readiness for Kindergarten through a Christian philosophy.  Upon graduation from preschool, students will be equipped to read through phonics instruction with one and two vowel words in small readers.  Children learn number concepts 1 to 20 and counting from 1 to 100.  The curriculum includes writing, Bible, art, music, and language development activities.     


You may now enroll your student for the 2021-2022 school year.  You may register online or stop by the Church Office for a form.  The first month’s tuition will be due at the Open House (Sunday, August 15).  You will receive a letter by August 1st with all of the details regarding the start of the school year.  Contact the church office 765-492-3568 for further information.


Tuition is due the first class-day of each month. Busy Bees tuition is $150 per month (for 3-day track) OR $250 per month (for 5-day track).  Wiggly Worms tuition is $110 per month. The first payment is due the day of Open House. The second payment is due the first day of class in October.  Students in both classes are also required to pay a one-time $50 Supply & Snack fee upon enrollment.  


As always, Cayuga Christian Preschool will follow the North Vermillion School calendar. North Vermillion School Corporation has chosen to remain on a traditional calendar. First day of school for Busy Bees will be August 16, 2020, Wiggly Worms will be August 17, 2020.
Our Open House is Sunday, August 15, 2020. This is a great opportunity to meet your student’s teacher and tour their classroom.  Your student’s first month tuition will be due at Open House.  A welcome letter will be sent out by August 1st.