Frequently Asked Questions About Re-Gathering

When will we be able to begin gathering again in-person?
We will resume in-person, on-site worship services on Sunday, May 24th. For the time being, our Sunday service will meet at 9am and 10:30am in the Youth Center Gym. So we can adequately clean and sanitize ahead of the services, we ask you to wait to enter the building until 10 minutes before the service. Greeters will handle opening the door for you so to minimize hands touching the door.
Will we still have the option to participate online?
Yes. We know that not everyone will feel comfortable returning right away and plan to continue offering an online worship service on an on-going basis. We will stream the service on the Church Youtube page ( The service will be livestreamed at 9am and will be available on-demand anytime thereafter.
What will the experience be like when we begin gathering in-person?
In some ways it will be very similar to what you’ve come to know and love but in other ways it will be very different. The worship service itself with feature preaching and music like you’ve come to expect. You’ll be greeted in the same, hospitable fashion by your friends (although they’ll likely be wearing a face mask). But to help keep you safe, we’re evaluating every aspect of our experience and making adjustments that are necessary for the season we’re in: 
  • We won’t be serving food or drinks (bring your own coffee) and we’re not shaking hands.
  • We will not have a bulletin or a connection card (a digital connection card will be emailed to you prior to Sunday and a text message will be sent out Sunday afternoon for you to check-in and share a prayer request).  
  • We’re not passing offering plates but we are asking everyone to either (1) Drop your offering into the basket as you leave, OR (2) Give Online, OR (3) Mail in your offering.  
  • Our seating is quite different for the sake of families with children and for physical distancing.  We’ve setup tables for families and groupings of chairs for folks without kids. 
  • We’re designing the order of our service with kids in mind (to hold their young attention spans). 
  • Between services a cleaning team will wipe down every surface and seat with a sanitizing solution.  
Will we have enough space to accommodate everyone that wants to attend?
We’re setup to seat about 100 people per service. Should we fill every seat and need to open an overflow room, we are prepared to do so.
Will I be required to wear a face mask?
While masks are not required, they are recommended. There’s been much debate over whether or not to wear a mask. They’re not comfortable nor are they fashionable. As Paul wrote in Philippians 2:3, We encourage you “to consider others more highly than yourself”, and for their sake, wear a mask. And for those who want to wear one but don’t have one of their own, we have a supply of masks for you. As you enter, simply tell one of our greeters that you’d like one.
When will we begin to offer in-person ministry for kids and students?
Not at this time. As we continue to reopen other aspects of CCC’s ministry in phases, we will address kids and student ministry.
When will adult Classes, Bible Studies, and Small groups meet?
There are several challenges that accompany a return to on-campus adult classes and Bible studies. The size of our classes fill each of our classroom spaces; thus, makes it quite difficult to maintain adequate physical distancing. We also need to be able to provide ministry for kids and students during our adult groups. For the time being, we will continue teaching the Bible online. As we continue to reopen other aspects of CCC’s ministry in phases, we will address Classes, Bible Studies, and Small groups.

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