Covid-19 Response

March 27, 2020

Hi Church Family,

I pray you are feeling well. As I’m sure you have, I’ve heard the word “unprecedented” more than I care to admit. We’re all learning a “new normal” as we practice “social distancing”. Families have learned new routines with kids at home. Who knew that our telephones could still be used to “talk” with one another? Yea, they still do that. We’re getting creative in how to stay “connected” with one another while we “hunker down” as the Governor of Indiana requested.

I was encouraged by Governor Holcomb’s address as he specifically called Hoosiers to faith —

“…in times of trouble, in times of not being able to be in total control, in
times of such uncertainty, many of us find comfort, find strength – in fact,
we find guidance – in our faith.

Our statewide faith leaders have become in high demand, whether we all
realize it or not. I want to thank all of our faith leaders who are live-streaming their services. … If ever there was an essential service, our houses of worship are on the top of the list, right next to our doctors and nurses.

Thanks to all the faith leaders for realizing the church is a body, not a building, especially in the difficult and different days ahead.

We’ll get back to the day when we can all join in person, in full force, but until that day, let’s continue to spread the word – not COVID19!”

– Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, Address to the State Regarding COVID-19 given on March 23, 2020

Our church leaders have continued to prayerfully considered how we may best and most appropriately minister to one another in this season. We recognize that our methods have changed; and yet, this does not affect our ministry. While it’s important to continue to “social distance” to limit the spread of this virus in our community, we are more committed than ever to “spread the Word” of Jesus Christ.

Here are a few of the ways we are continuing the ministry of “loving people into a relationship with Jesus Christ”:

  • Sunday Morning Worship Service: Once again, our Sunday morning service will be provided online in a video format. The video will premiere at 9am Sunday morning on YouTube and video link will once again be sent via email, Facebook, text message, and will be posted on the Church’s website. **Subscribe to YouTube Channel:
  • Communion: Since we won’t be in the same room together, you should prepare some crackers or bread and some kind of juice which you could use to remember Jesus’ broken body and shed blood during our online service.
  • Offering: Please, continue your generosity through the giving of your tithe and offering. You may send it by mail (PO Box 731 Cayuga, IN 47928) or now might be a great time to begin giving online. **Give Online:
  • Groups: We heard from several of you who met with your extended family members and worshipped together. A few of you even brought your phones to older loved ones who do not have internet and shared the worship service with them!
  • Connect: Now more than ever we need to stay connected with one another. We’ve established a call list so that every member of the church receives a weekly “check-in” phone call (if you’re not receiving a call, fill out the “Update My Contact Information” card here: We’re sending text messages to everyone with announcements. This would be a great time to use your church directories to call one another and encourage each other’s faith. I’d encourage you to check on some of our older members and offer to take them a meal.
  • Serve: While many of us cannot serve in our normal capacity with the church right now, Christians still need to serve. We are partnering with local businesses to deliver groceries to shut-ins. We are working with the local schools to possibly deliver meal bags to students who cannot pickup during the week. Our food pantry will be open in a couple of weeks and we’ll need additional volunteers to safely serve food boxes. We’re working on a unique way for families to engage with the Gospel this Easter. We are considering new ways to serve everyday! If you’d like to serve in one of these ways, click this link and let us know how you want to “Volunteer to Serve”:
  • Bible Study: We will have an online Bible study Wednesdays using “Zoom”, a website and app where you can see and talk with one another. We’ll spend a few minutes in the Bible and pray together. Next Wednesday, we’ll offer the same study at two different times, 11am or 9pm. For those who cannot get online, you can “call-in” and listen. Here’s how:
  • Needs: If you or someone you know can’t get out and needs someone to pick up groceries or medications, please let us know! We are more than willing to help!

With Easter just two weeks away, we are discussing how we can still make our Easter celebration special. In the meantime, our church leaders will continue to monitor the situation in order to make the wisest decisions for our church family and we will send notifications through every communication channel we have should this situation change.

We love our Church!

Cayuga Christian Church’s Elders and Ministers

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